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Suzi Mitchell

Suzi Mitchell was born and raised on the northeast coast of Scotland and lives in Colorado.  A nagging sense of wanderlust pulled her from the rugged coast of her homeland - a place she happily returns to when she can with her three children. After a decade of working in the golf industry, she changed direction, picked up a pencil and started to write.

Since 2009, Suzi has been writing for an array of magazines and newspapers, on both sides of the Atlantic. She spent three years as the editor of Steamboat Magazine, a Colorado lifestyle publication.

As a freelance writer and content creator, Suzi is constantly inspired to write about people and their crafts, architecture, design and life in the outdoors. When not reporting on the creativity of others, she is attempting a first novel. To satisfy a constant calling to explore natural world, she paints landscapes and depictions of windswept shores.

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