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sample works of art

My grandfather was an artist and when he died the family did not know what to do with his art supplies, so I asked if I could have some of them. On the eve of a milestone birthday, I signed up for a painting workshop and I was hooked. When I paint I feel like I am spending time with someone I adored.

My art is a visceral way of spending time in places I was drawn to. I am constantly in awe of the abundance of colors and textures you see in nature, which is why I choose mixed media for my abstract depictions of landscapes, seascapes, flora and fauna.

community art

Art in its many forms has always intrigued me and brought a great deal of personal joy. In response to the escalation of mental struggles for so many of our young people, I started an organization called  You Out Loud. Based in Routt County, Colorado, we offer teenagers an opportunity to participate in art-based projects, with an emphasis on  self-expression, connection and community integration.   

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