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The Power of Collaboration

As artists most of us hide away as we work. Some (like me) thrive in mess, while others create in meticulous spaces. Regardless of our chosen workspace or medium, we have one huge thing in common - art is a labor of love.

In the last few years I have come to know some incredibly talented and special individuals in my chosen profession. One of which, owns a barn in Hahn's Peak village, a rural outpost in the Rocky Mountains. He is a sculptor whose international reputation precedes him but you'd never know given as humble as he is.

This hand-built barn has a facade that has intrigued many who drive by, protected by oversized antique doors which hail from Rhonda, Spain. Ever since I stepped foot in the place, I've been enchanted by the space and the artwork inside.

Over a cup of coffee a few weeks ago, I asked my friend David if he'd consider opening the doors to the public and hosting a show with a handful of local artists. His answer was an immediate "yes", he would love to welcome people in.

And so, Behind Closed Doors, A Labor of Love was born. Six of us took works we hadn't shown locally and hung it in the barn. It would show people what we are passionate about, in a space like no other.

When Labor Day Weekend came, so did the crowds in their hundreds. Many conversations were had over the few days, but one common theme stuck out above the rest. "How wonderful to see people come together to offer something so special." It is true, we had no expectations about how our un-curated show would be received. We weren't there to compete but to collaborate on creating an experience for people who appreciate the art of creating.

Our show came from a desire to share not just our work, but this incredibly special space. It felt like stepping inside someone's home and getting to poke about their things while they told the story of how each item came to be. Now some of those things have found a new home but they share something in common, they were made from a labor of love.

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